(no actual MLB affiliation)

(unless MLB wants to buy this recipe and sell it because that would be awesome)


I grew up in lots of different places. Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and finally Oklahoma. When I lived in Illinois I lived in Chicago and often found myself at baseball games. My dad was a White Sox fan and a Cubs fan, which, I’m pretty sure is illegal but it’s fine. My mom would always make us White Sox corn on summer days or whenever we asked for it. Which was often. Here’s how you make it.

  1. Put on a baseball cap and get a bowl. Wait no actually get some corn. Uhhhh, frozen corn is fine I think just put it in the microwave (??) It should be hot. Ask someone how to heat up corn because idfk.
  2. Okay now put the corn in the bowl and add a literal pound of cream cheese.
  3. Add some parmesan cheese like it’s confetti.
  4.  Throw a dollop of sour cream in there. Also a reasonable amount of mayonnaise.
  5.  Now add some salt and pepper and some ground cayenne pepper and when you throw it in yell BAM! like your Emeril Lagasse.
  6. This is starting to look pretty good so now just get a spoon or a fork or whatever and just start stirring it around until you zone out for 15 minutes.
  7. Heat it up again and put that ish in another bowl or just eat it out of the bowl you already have if you’re lazy like me and don’t like to wash dishes.


Good job. Go sports!!