dangerous women

taylor byers


Looking around the room at our latest staff meeting brought one thought to mind: Every woman in this room is a complete and total boss. As a company where white, straight males are in the minority, I’ve always been extremely proud of the diversity within our writer’s room. Not only do we all come from extremely varied backgrounds, we’re just about evenly split between men and women (women hold the majority by one, holla). But it’s not just having women in the room that makes the difference. It’s the type of women that are here that make this room...dangerous.

You see, the women behind The Creative are confident, self-assured, leaders. In a world where we’re constantly shown, and in some cases straight-up told, from a young age that as women our status is inherently below men, that we are expected to make ourselves appear weaker than we actually are so that we don’t threaten those with fragile masculinity, that we are supposed to hate our bodies and spend our lives in a cycle of consumerism trying to buy ourselves a few more seconds of lightly rooted self-confidence...In a world where simply saying, “thank you” to a compliment instead of deflecting with some self-deprecating reply means you’re conceited, where openly enjoying sex means a branding of demeaning and derogatory labels like “slut” and “whore,” where you wouldn’t be caught dead saying, “Hey, I look really good today,” it’s not all that common to find a woman who believes, “I love myself and I want others to love themselves too.” We’ve all grown up in a society where women are expected to play into that stereotypical self-conscious and catty role where we tear each other, and in turn ourselves, down. A society where it’s so ingrained that women are inferior that women often end up oppressing themselves as if we’re all living with some twisted societal version of Stockholm Syndrome.

The way I see it, society is like a house. The top dogs, straight white men, get to live inside the protective walls of the house. Walls built by minority laborers, on foundation blocks of women on all fours, holding the weight of the house across our backs while the men living inside fuck us in almost every way possible. This is the system we grew up in. This feels normal to us. This is the ideology that carried us all the way through from diapers to our first day of junior high to getting the keys to our very first grown-up apartment.

But when you have a woman who rejects that ideology, who values herself as a source of strength and ability, who doesn’t rely on the measurement of her waist to know she is beautiful, a block in the foundation of that societal house comes loose. And when you have several of those women come together, like the women in this very room, who encourage one another to grow, to truly embrace themselves, to share confidence and build one another up, the entire bottom row of blocks begins to tremble. And if enough women follow suit, if enough women find the strength within themselves to get up off their knees and stand tall, reaching back to help the women around them do the same, the entire foundation collapses. And maybe, just maybe, all of those women can then lead the way in redefining the ideals of an entire generation. A generation unlike any before it. A generation where change is welcome and progress is embraced. A generation where men and women are not defined by traditional gender roles and responsibilities. A generation where romantic partnerships are a choice instead of an expectation or even a necessity, and are truly collaborative experiences when entered into. Where each of us is limited only by our own vision and drive to achieve all that we see is possible. The first generation to experience true equality, and thus, true freedom. And it all starts with one woman- a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend- one woman rising up to proclaim, “No more.” 

So now you see why, when I look around the room here, I see danger. The women behind The Creative threaten the current status quo. The women here are strong and bold and unapologetic. And most importantly, we uplift one another. We do our best to spread that can-and-will-do mindset, to loosen the cement hold on our age-old role as simple cinder blocks. So if you’re one of those top dogs who resists change, one who shies away from societal progress, one who prefers to sit inside the protection and comfort of the aforementioned societal house, be careful... I think I see a crack in your foundation.


written by: taylor byers