walk with me

taylor byers


Welcome to this issue’s installment of “Walk With Me.”  As an actor, an artist, and a writer at The Creative, I find it nearly impossible to go more than a couple days without doing something, well, creative. I recently traveled to Bali, Indonesia, and inadvertently found myself collaborating with local photographer, Paristha, on a photoshoot. We shared this roll of film as we each took photos of Jalan Nyuh Kuning in front of my villa, right in the heart of the quaint artist’s village of Ubud. The energy here in Ubud is very calming. Quiet except for the hum of the occasional passing scooter and the sounds of neighborhood children playing on the next street over. The air smells of incense from the daily offerings marking villa entryways on the narrow brick-paved sidewalks. Everyone you pass dons a smile and a carries a welcoming hier about them. Here, there are no skyscrapers containing row after row of business suites. There are no multi-lane highways rushing busy commuters back and forth. Art and God are the lifeblood of this tranquil community. We hope you enjoy the beauty of this street as much as we enjoyed attempting to capture it.


words & photos by: taylor byers