When you hang around Los Feliz, the east Los Angeles neighborhood, you won’t find a shortage of boutiques or coffee shops. Small, eclectic bookstores are as common as Warby Parker moms pushing their newborns who sport the same hip glasses. Here, life is nice. It’s where you want to raise a kid. But amongst the quaintness, tucked right between two of the busiest streets, there lies the dopest skate shop in LA, KINGSWELL

The store is owned and run by retired professional skater, DJ Chavez, who wanted to bring a little edge to the calm. After being fed up with all of the “bullshit business” aspects of professional skating, DJ wanted to do something different in the skate world. New Mexico was home for him and also where he helped run a shop a lot like his own now. It was after he spent some time away from Los Angeles, surrounded by his old homies, in both there and Colorado, that he decided to open up this shop in the city of angels. 

KINGSWELL the name comes from the street they’re located on but you’d think it was something more thought up seeing as it fits the store and vibe so perfectly. They carry all men’s skate wear head to toe, from beanies to boards, and if you feel like you need a little more ink or a whole new chest piece, KINGSWELL has you covered there too with their tattoo shop in the back. Wallets, bottle openers, socks, kicks, art, glasses, and a shit ton more, they’ve got it all. It’s a place where you want to just go and kick it, and you can. Although they only sell men’s wear, anybody and everybody is welcome to come and skate, or hang out, or plug in with their in-house guitar. The shop brings in all different kinds of people, “which is rad,” DJ says, “because it, ya know, it shows the diversity that skateboarding can bring.” 

Go into KINGSWELL and rest assured, you won’t want to leave. Even if you’ve never skated a day in your life, they have something for you. If you leave empty handed, you’ll still want to kick it and you’ll still walk out feeling a little more badass. It’s the raddest part of the neighborhood and it’s where you need to be.

music // MARSHALL - EXES


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