Those white walls

ali stone


Although there's something calming and beautiful about spring rainstorms, it sure can be a bummer when you're getting dressed knowing you're going to be puddle jumping. I generally dress simply, but I have always believed that putting an outfit together (regardless of how simple) is a great way to express yourself. One of my favorite things about writing a fashion blog is being able to express myself through my fashion choices and (hopefully) inspiring other women to be confident in expressing themselves through their own unique personal style choices as well.There's no fun in covering up that personal expression of a great outfit with a boring rain jacket! Here, I'm wearing my ideal outfit for the rain... my favorite jeans, a simple tee and a comfy pair of booties (sealed with a rain proofing spray, of course!) To top it off, I wore this transparent rain jacket and umbrella to make being out in the rain a little more playful and fun! 

I started writing my blog, Those White Walls, about 3 years ago. It started as a way to document my journey in moving to NYC from Chicago for an internship at Harper's Bazaar. Since then, it has transformed into what it is today, a down to earth fashion, personal style and lifestyle blog. Since I can remember, I have had an interest in fashion. I'm fairly certain I was born with a love of fashion in my genes. My Bubby (grandmother in Yiddish) was the most fashionable woman I knew. She had a fully accessorized outfit put together for every day and had her own (gorgeous) unique style.   She even slept in beautiful pajamas so that she could look stylish when she walked outside to get the paper in the morning. I remember loving being in her closet with her, watching her put together outfits and helping her pick out her accessories. Even at a young age, she always asked for my opinion. She loved fashion and loved sharing that with me.  Her sense of style is also engraved in my Mom and, I guess, was also passed down to me. Writing this, I'm really starting to realize why I love putting different outfits together. Funny how that happens. 

Almost 2 years ago, I started dating an awesome human named Oren who just so happens to be a photographer. Since then, we have been a team in pretty much every aspect of life. We live together, work together, and lucky for me, Oren is also my main photographer for Those White Walls. He is a huge part of what makes the blog possible. Without him, it would be so difficult to put out the content that I do on a regular basis. He is always willing to shoot and help me create new, quality content for the blog (thanks, Or)! Pretty sure TWW wouldn't be where it is without his efforts. 

Full time, I work as a portrait, fashion and lifestyle photographer and I also co-own and design a line of jewelry called, Just The 2 Of Us Jewelry (my mom is the second part of that "2"). Then, I of course write the blog. Oren works in real estate and is also a freelance photographer. He shoots everything from corporate headshots to food and (besides Those White Walls) he's also starting to shoot some awesome fashion work. There are pros and cons to living together and both living a freelance lifestyle. For us, work and home life overlap a lot. There's always more work and more hustling that can be done which can make it tough to get out from behind the computer. We've been working on finding a work/life balance when we're home together and I think we're getting a lot better! One of our favorite ways to spend time together is in the kitchen. Food is another love that we share and cooking together is one of our favorite things to do together. We also have two wonderful pups, Nike & Obi, and spending time as a "team" (what Oren calls us) is always a priority. Overall, even when we face obstacles, we're really lucky to have each other not only as teammates in life, but to have each other as creative inspiration. 

We would love for you to check out the work that we create together! Head to to take a look! Also, view more of Oren's photography at (look at the food tab and prepare to drool!)

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