the modern human

jordan wilson // darrin bush


She is not just bold. She is color. She sometimes cannot find matching socks but leaves the house anyway. She is messy, innovative, creative and motivated. She fits no molds, values her worth, and is unapologetically flawed. She is smart. She is modern. She is woman.

He is a man that can never shine through the shadow of the “men” that came before. Men who controlled, judged, destroyed. Men who manipulated people, governments, continents for personal gain. He has been given a world that was tainted with the aftertaste of our predecessors. How can he rise out of the darkness of hatred when we have been drowning for so long? The Modern Man must fight.

The woman has undeniably gnawed and pecked her way through a world that for a long time has been largely governed by the idea that man is power. Now, it is true that our male counterparts are quite the incredible creatures and have earnestly paved incredible roads for this world and aided women on our path to gender equality. Togetherness is the most important tool we have and though there are men who have joined the fight, there are also a lot of men who have not. Men who have not joined us but instead fight against us.

The modern man is the man who fights to be better everyday, he strives to wipe away the foggy perception that “man” is bad. For he is good. Good to others. Women, children, his mother, fellow man. He is black, white, and rainbow flavored. Coated in powdered sugar baking with his daughters. The modern man is sawdust and scotch. The modern man is working 60 hour weeks providing for himself and his loved ones in a city that can’t stop siphoning his seconds. He lets no one take from another. He stands for justice and truth from and for all. He receives humbly. And he gives graciously. The modern man makes mistakes. He stumbles. He gets back up and keeps moving. Moving toward something greater. The modern man is a game changer, an oil changer, and a diaper changer. He is sad sometimes and can't figure out why. He is happy sometimes and doesn’t question it. The modern man is not free. His kindness and his generosity must be met with the same. He can be angry. He is dynamite. He will explode. But is not malicious. The modern man is just, eloquent, and smooth. He is a dreamer, a doer, a magic maker. He builds, with his hands and with his mind. He is a silver tongue story man, a whisperer of sweet nothings. What the modern man is is something so tangible so concrete that it cannot be torn down or burned. He is adamant.

Society has essentially given us these strengths: curves, make-up, clothes, mother- hood, crying, sexuality, and softness. These are what we have been told are essences of feminine traits, but this is not absolute. There is also a kick-ass kind of beauty in the dirty, unconventional kind of woman. The trouble with these pre-conceived standards is not to resent these socially conditioned strengths, but to utilize them. They are available and they are there, so why not use them? The modern woman understands and celebrates the idea that man and woman are in fact very different and encourages these differences to embrace equality. The goal is not to glorify women but to discredit the idea that we are not messy and flawed. Dirty. Jealous. Wrong. Men and women can make the same mistakes. We are just as capable of having the same faults and vices as men are.

Perfection is for the gods, only men who are consumed with self and power believe perfection is in their grasp. The modern man is wise. He will never be perfect, but he will always be human. The inevitability of the modern man is deafening, roaring into his place among the people he stands resolute to endure the trials ahead. He will confront hate, cruelty, madness, and in return he will give understanding, strength, and love.

As we continue to progress as a society, the woman has progressed as her own entity and fiercely proclaims her power. The modern woman does not boast about her achievements but she does take pride in her hard work. She is not one thing, one type, one way for someone and another for someone else. She comes in all shapes, all sizes, all colors. The modern woman is doused in bottles of perfume and covered in face paint. The modern woman is two whiskeys in and half buttoned into her overalls. The modern woman is scarred and bare faced, struggling to find her place. The modern woman is wrinkle-ridden and wise with stories of rebellious youth. The modern woman is human and her existence is utterly beautiful.

Fortunately as we evolve as a society, the Human has evolved as a being. There have always been those who seek to be good and do good, and in this awakening of The Modern Human we find that many of us are built for so much more. More than those who came before. We are built to love, however flawed we may be, our love for our fellow human will prevail. The Modern Human is now.

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