We are storytellers and it is our job to tell the stories that compel us. We hope you are inspired by them and want to go and tell your own stories.


el grande (my dad)  // samuel hernandez

A father can be a pillar of strength to a young man, someone to look up to, idolize, and when you're older you end up realizing that everyone is human, even your heroes.

pep talk // chauntice green

Ever feel like the world is against you? That you can't win? Need a pep talk? Chauntice has your back.

You will be lost // Jordan Wilson

Where do you go when you feel lost? Jordan Wilson goes to Target.

New years resolutions // taylor byers

New Years is always tricky especially when it comes to our resolutions, do you keep up with yours.

come back to bed // samuel hernandez

What comes after love leaves? Explore with Sam what life is like after a relationship.


being sensitive is bada$$ // jordan wilson

There is no shame in being sensitive so don't let it get you down, let Jordan tell you why its actually super badass.

quest love: The root(s) of opportunity // chauntice green

When opportunity comes knocking, do you answer? Find out why its important to always take that chance.

kids book adulting: the giving tree // elle stempe

Elle writes about some very grown-up lessons from a children's book author.

kids book adulting: beyond the pond // elle stempe

In this rendition she teaches us about exploration as adults.

kids book adulting: What do you do with an idea // elle stempe

Elle breaks down her takeaway: how to cultivate a unique idea.

kids book adulting: the darkest dark // elle stempe

A look on overcoming fear and finding your bravery.


horror stories // martin aguilera

A collection of short horror stories written by Martin Aguilera.

The thing about my kind-of-ex at the end of our non-relationship // taylor byers

A look back at a not-really breakup with an almost-boyfriend.


instagram pick-me-up // chauntice green

A collection of instagram pages to help you find your way out of that creative slump.

Life Lessons From the Characters of Parks and Rec // taylor byers

Because Andy Dwyer could teach all of us a thing or two.


comic-con weekend // nicklaus von nolde

Read all about the awesome weekend Nicklaus had at Comic-Con 2016.

how i found out i was lactose intolerant // darrin bush

The most thrilling horror story of our time.


what your favorite song says about you // elle stempe

Find out what your favorite song has to say about your personality.

thoughts i had when // anonymous

Thoughts I had when I was high.