prayer from a cave

elle stempe


Prayer From a Cave

Crawling out

from the darkness

and this endless pathway that lies ahead

Sunlight peeping through The Abyss

but paralytic terror settling in,

when I shield

this body from

that Same Light

that will highlight

these scars that have hardly 



Unearthly Creatures paw and tear this Flesh

that drags upon the Ground - 

for how many meters now


       all this Blood 





Sounds of Anguish

rebounding off cold Rock

swelling my hollow Hell

with Black Notions that fight to be true


but outside I smell

the plants of Aloe


and there the breeze is sweet,

birds are flying

Laughter lives

with a Brook to wash these tattered feet.


Oh Universe, let me feel your bountiful beacon:

bestow upon me strength to keep these legs moving,

cool crystalline waters to cleanse these eyes,

and courage to keep hoping.

poem by: ELS

photos: alex harper