In today's political climate it is imperative that artists do everything in their power to shed light on events happening in their own community and around the globe. At theCREATIVE we take it upon ourselves to stay active and alert with the events around us and around the world.


Women's march la

We documented the amazing Women's March LA. Watch how amazing human's can be when they love.


political conversation

We sat down with some artists we know to talk about the political climate in Oct. 2016 dealing with race, gender, the election, and how we as creatives play into the mix. Watch and stay tuned for more.


vote fuckers // nicklaus von nolde

We know the importance of voting in America, many have fought and died for it. Nicklaus helps us understand the importance of and how to vote. 


dear megyn kelly // jordan wilson

An open letter to Megyn Kelly addressing her outspoken views on feminism.


the day after the end of the world // taylor byers

A reaction to the election of Donald Trump.


shitty times call for badass art // elle stempe

A playlist to help calm some nerves in the wake of the current political climate in the US.


who run the world? girls. // alex harper

Alex writes about the powerful women who inspire her.