In our global community culture is now tangible from across the globe, we want to share with your our local culture, and culture that we are inspired by in other areas of the world. Being cultured does not always mean you are knowledgable on other cultures, just that you are experiencing them. Enjoy!


Black Beyond America // Brilliant New Series Expands the Black Conversation

Portia Bartley discusses her new docuseries that interviews various people throughout the African Diaspora about their experiences being black in and beyond The United States. 

the paper issue release party // photo recap

Here is a gallery from our release party for The Paper Issue! Enjoy!

with/out make up // behind the scenes

Go behind the scenes with five amazing women shedding their make up for the camera in this powerful video.

tanerélle listening party // photos

Check out the amazing photos from our event at The Redbury with Tanerélle and Neon Phoenix. Grab one of you and share it with the world!


An artist is a full-functioning independent business. We weigh the risks versus the benefits of any given project all the time. So, let’s talk about a little risk versus benefits situation we’ve all encountered called, “The Exposure Deal.”


theCREATIVE team talks about what it means to be a millennial, being the global scapegoat for generational issues, how we have become the voice of reason in a tumultuous time, and even how our drive to succeed is our greatest asset. 

the modern human // jordan wilson + Darrin bush

Take a look into what it means to be a Woman and Man in modern society. Jordan and Darrin paint vivid pictures of humans and what it means to Modern.

hella gentrification // eryn kimura

Eryn Kimura discusses the gentrification in San Francisco and how it effects the lives of citizens. How minorities built the foundation of the city and gentrification receives all the praise.

understanding fear // info video

Jessica Shropshire guides us through fear and how to understand it. In today's world fear has become a driving factor behind many hot button issues. Through understanding comes enlightenment.

Perm & Prejudice // erika nichols

Erika discusses what it was like growing up with "black hair" in a society that promotes "white" beauty standards, and coming to accept and love yourself and your hair.

tinder generation // taylor byers

Millennials and Tinder, its like peanut butter and jelly. Taylor takes us on her scandalous and sometimes disappointing journey through Tinder.

milkin' it // darrin bush

Breast feeding from a man's perspective. Darrin discusses the "shaming" culture that has been adopted by much of the world when it comes to how women feed their children and the implications behind it.

drought hacks // samuel hernandez

Living in LA you know how precious water can be, Sam takes us through how you can save water in a drought with the hilarious assistance of Darrin and Alex.

undergroung la // kingswell

Skate culture is some of the most passionate and "righteous" culture out there. Kingswell is one of the coolest spots to hang in LA. Read more from Nicklaus about this dope spot.