Mexican Rice Recipe


This recipe is about as simple as they come. Everyone has their own way of making and this is my way! well, my moms.



Rice (duh.)

Cooking Oil

Chicken flavored bullion (does anyone know what bullion is?)

1 Can of Tomato Sauce

1 Tomato (Not completely necessary)

1 Onion (also not completely necessary)

1 lime/lemon (not completely necessary but I ALWAYS use one… or five)

2 cups


Alright, lets get this bad boy started! You take the two cups. I should probably say two glasses. They can be as big as you’d like (the bigger the glass, the bigger the batch), but make sure they’re the same size. I like using my Beatles glasses. I have two left of the set, ironically they’re of Ringo and Paul. So fill one glass to the top with rice, and the other with some oil.  You want to make sure you fill it up about an inch with oil. You can eye ball it or dip your finger and make sure it goes a little past your finger nail. 

If you haven’t yet, go back and cut up the tomatoes and onions. They aren’t completely necessary as I said before, so if you don’t have any, do not worry! Your rice still has the ability to turn out fire. 

Also, I forgot to mention you’ll be cooking all of this in a large pot with a see-thru lid. If it seems like this meal is a little out of order, just know it’s okay! (Ps: this meal is definitely #420 friendly) Once you grab the pot…. “haha sahh, dude?” - The cooking pot, you can go back to the glasses of oil and rice. Turn your stove top on to somewhere between low and medium. If your stove is numbered 1-6, you wanna hit it at about a 2 or a 3.

Once heated, grab your cup of rice and dump it in the pot. Make sure to mix it into the oil evenly. As you leave it heating for a minute, rinse out the glasses, fill them with water and set them to the side.

Grab the chopped up tomatoes and onions, if you have chose to use them, and dump them into the pot. Mix everything around and as it begins to get golden, grab the tomato sauce dump that sucker in! Put the glasses into the microwave for 3 minutes and add a spoonful of chicken bouillon to the pot. Mix that yummy goodness until the microwave is done.

Drop the water into the pot and turn the heat up! This is when I like to add some of that lime/lemon juice. Keep heating it up until the rice starts floating to the top. Once the rice starts dancing, try not to get lost in their hypnotic steps and cover the pot. Drop the heat down to low or 2 (out 6)

Set an alarm for 20 minutes (because you will forget) and enjoy a classic stoner comedy. Once you’ve forgotten you have food cooking, you’re alarm will go off and you will be able to enjoy a giant family sized dinner to yourself while finishing the rest of your film.