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sabrina claudio


On September 18, 2016, we invited listeners out to The Library Bar at The Redbury Hotel to an exclusive acoustic set featuring Sabrina Claudio and her music. It was filled with the best vibes. Beautiful souls and colorful drinks. Artists coming together to support another artist as her journey takes off.

When we came across Sabrina Claudio, we knew we were witnessing a new awakening in music. An awakening our parents probably bragged about growing up with. An awakening we felt when our middle school lovers made us mix CD’s of every love song from the 90’s. An awakening of real-ass music. Soulful, sultry and feel good music. And because her music made us feel so good, we knew we had to find a way to make sure you all could hear it too.

If you frequent Youtube, you may have seen Sabrina. She gained a following by taking well known songs and covering them, turning them into her own. Not only does she sing, she shares her process. Sometimes creating background vocals and placing them on a loop before diving into a song. Her videos are nothing less than captivating while she shares her quirky personality along with her voice.

It wasn’t a surprise that her EP, Confidently Lost, was the story of our lives.

Honest and full of storytelling, Sabrina’s lyrics reach the deepest parts of your heart and soul.

The Creative Magazine would like to thank Sabrina and her team!

We would also like to thank all of you that came out in support of this night. Without the community of artists that we have all built what do we have in this world?

Honestly, truly.  

find more of Sabrina's work here and here.

camera operators: darrin // jj // tucker