drought hacks

samuel hernandez


Living in California, there are constant reminders of how little water there is to go around. You tend to feel a moral obligation to waste less water. Whether your motivation stems from you wanting to lessen your carbon footprint or the fact that you’d rather not have a huge water bill, here are a few ways to make sure you use less water in a drought like situation.


Eat Healthier

  1. Did you know it takes 1799 gallons to produce 1 pound of processed meat, while it only takes 20 gallons gallons to produce 1 pound of processed vegetables! Pick a few days out of the week to avoid meats and get your veg on! Your body will thank you and you’ll feel better about your health choices.

Be More Sexy

  1.  Don’t wash your hair everyday: it kills natural oils and actually damages your hair. Go a day or two without washing your hair. It wastes less water and gives you a more natural/sexy look.
  2. Why shower alone when you can shower with your significant other? That will split the amount of showers you both take a month in half! Plus, your partner scrub all the hard to reach areas!

Reduce Reuse Recycle!

(Believe it or not; it takes less water to make recycled products than non-recycled products. )

  1.  Recycling and buying recycled products will help lessen the amount of water used in your everyday life!
  2. Take used wet towels and strain them over a bucket! It will give you at least a few cups of water!
  3. The average household uses over 12,000 gallons a year on just toilets! That’s a lot of water!  Start using nature's toilet and waste no water in the process! You’ll be saving the planet and spending valuable time in nature! That’s definitely a win/win.

Be even more sexy

  1. Take sexy showering a step even further by roleplaying in the shower! There are plenty of roleplaying scenarios you can play to make sure you take shorter showers.
  2. Recreating the famous shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho will ensure every shower you take is under 4 minutes and it'll make your shower experience more exciting and dangerous.
  3. Last years Mad Max definitely had it’s fair share of characters! Living in a barren, waterless wasteland doesn’t allow for very many showers. Take turns being Immortan Joe and control the water for The Citadel! Hoard all the water and randomly dump buckets of water on your partner. Don’t be too frivolous.
  4. Pretend you’re in the locker room! Take turns being the bully in the locker room that never makes showering fun! It’ll cut your shower early and you can return to your glory days!



Take it back from the plants!

  1. Let’s face it. Water isn’t free and plants don’t water themselves! Sometimes they have to pay it back.
  • Drill a large hole into a tree
  •  Take your average hose spout and screw it right into the tree!
  • Turn the faucet and Tada! We have water!  You can even buy a smaller spout for your plants at home!

written by // Samuel Hernandez

photos by // Chauntice Green

models // Alex Harper & Darrin Bush