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artist spotlight // fay

Hailing from South Central Los Angeles, Fay is a neo-soul vocalist, lyricist and actress. Inspired by conscious hip-hop, neo-soul, musical theatre and jazz, the singer carves her own sound centered on witty lyricism and raw emotion. Her debut music video Macncheese is a breathtaking visual chock full of strong and powerful women.

Backyard Sessions // from the archives

Vibe with the dope artists featured in The Fear Issue, these musicians are something to behold when they improv their way through a song.

in process // SABRIna claudio

If you haven't heard of her yet, you're in luck. Sabrina Claudio is a brilliant artist with an inspiring story. Originally from Miami, Florida she brings breath of fresh air to the music scene. theCREATIVE hosted a live concert at The Redbury hotel in Hollywood where she performed and talked about her journey to LA, what inspires her, and how family and community has helped her grow. Watch and listen to Sabrina and be absolutely amazed.

five minute challenge // backyard sessions

In this installment of theCREATIVE's five minute challenge we thought we would crank it up a notch. We challenged five amazing musical artists to meet up in a backyard in LA and create a song in five minutes. What happened next is true beauty. Watch Nick Womak, Cameron Armstrong, Teddy Anderson, Aarin Kennedy, and Elle Stempe slay this challenge.

a new DIALOGUE // timothy lewis

Dance can be one of the most expressive modes of storytelling, and Timothy Lewis is a choreographer that knows exactly the right story to tell. With an amazing cast he paints a picture of gender roles in today's society and the reflection within all of us of love. Scored by Timberwolf's "Lonesome Dove," a perfect musical accompaniment to Timmy's breathtaking story. 


HOFISBETTER is a music blog based in Sacramento, CA that brings the best underground hip hop to the masses. We went with City James to see him perform and document his journey. City killed his set but watch the video to see more dope artists give it all they got.

in process // vania morales

We were in Wisconsin and were able to sit down with Vania and listen to her angelic voice serenade us through a snowy night. Vania now living in LA is one of the best vocalists we know. If you don't believe us listen to her original song "Creature of the Night" and her cover of Tori Kelly's "Paper Hearts".

Outside lands comes to you // Jordan Wilson

An outside lands-inspired playlist that brings the festival vibes to you.