the vegan street fair 2017: the food, the culture, the community

“I could never be vegan, I couldn’t live without (enter whatever animal product you definitely COULD live without.)” 

"How can I be so sure?"

Don’t worry; the Vegan Street Fair has you covered. 

This years 3rd annual Vegan Street Fair took place in North Hollywood, California on March 26, 2017. People of all ages were out; there was music and dancing, face painting, hula hooping and a beer garden. You have to come with an empty stomach to enjoy everything they have to offer. There were so many vendors I didn’t know where to begin (a very good problem to have). Most of them were local vendors, though some traveled from a little further away. Over the course of the day I ate and swooned over ice cream, sloppy Joes, tacos, cookies, tamales, gorditas, mac and cheese, nacho potato tornadoes, chili cheese fries, pizza and beer. Did I have a stomach ache right after? You bet. Was it all worth it? Absolutely. 

In addition to the impressive and delicious line-up of food, there are also lots of merchandise, beauty and health vendors to explore! I scored a Stranger Things inspired pin from Vegan Power Co.

Alicia, who was running the booth, was super sweet! You can check out all of her other awesome vegan swag on her Etsy here

You can opt for a VIP wristband and skip the long lines to get your fix quickly, or hang out in the sun and catch up with your friends or make new ones in line. If you don’t go for the food and you don’t go for the cool merch, you can still go and enjoy good company from the vegan community. It’s an overwhelming experience to be surrounded by so many others who share and understand the compassion that correlates with being a vegan. 

Feeling pretty bummed that you missed out, huh? I figured. If this sounds like something you want to be apart of? You can head out to one of the next two events! Vegan Street Fair NYC on Saturday, June 10 or Vegan Street Fair Nights in North Hollywood on September 1st and 2nd! Entrance to all of the fairs is free and cash or card is accepted. So please, stop drooling and join us!

Jordan Wilson