outside lands comes to you: playlist

You probably already know what Coachella is. If not, I'm sure you've seen pictures of people's outfits from Coachella because that's the real reason we all go, right? 

Anyway. Forget Coachella. Today is the first day of Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco, California. 3 days of good good music in the middle of the wilderness (okay, it's Golden Gate Park but you're totally surrounded by giant redwoods so it's basically the same thing). This year LCD Soundsystem, Radiohead, Chance The Rapper and Lana Del Rey are headlining but if music isn't your thing don't even worry because there's an entire circus sized tent dedicated to sampling wines. I'll be there dancing my face off while Thom Yorke serenades me into oblivion.

 If you weren't quick enough to get tickets, never fear. I've created a playlist for you with some of my personal favorites and highlights for the weekend. Have your own festival in your apartment. Turn it up loud. Annoy your neighbors. Get evicted. Go crazy. Dance yourself clean.

Click the link below to listen:

Jordan Wilson