instagram pick-me-ups

Sometimes as artist we get in a little funk. Music may not sound as sweet as yesterday and colors not as vibrant. What’s amazing about today’s times is the chance to ignite some flame by being inspired by our fellow artists. I mean, we can actually build a small community of strangers through social media and that’s cool.

So, I put together a list of Instagram accounts that literally make me get up, get out, and get somethin’. I hope they inspire you as well.



A photographer that literally takes the word raw and gives it much class. Enjoy.


Literally 3D graphic design ecstasy. I don’t know what else to say. What you see is what you get, and that’s euphoria.


Okay, this singing group from New York is the epitome of PASSION. Singing any and everywhere they can to spread their love through their talents. It’s the best reminder that the world is literally our stage.


A collective group of artists coming together to put on a networking event for fellow artists. It’s fueled by positivity and grounded in a good time. Follow them for dates and get out of the house!


Ramez Silyan made this list solely because of the trailer for his new short film Animal. It premiers September 6th at the Los Angeles Short Film Festival. The trailer alone left me speechless. Excited to see what the future holds this talented director.


Watercoloring has never made me feel so many feelings. Follow her and allow your mind to journey to new places.


Actress. Poet. Screenwriter. One in a million. This woman defines hard work.


Singer, songwriter, and possible real life angel? Her music speaks for itself. Go head. Indulge yourself.


For all of my aesthetic junkies out there. Enough said.


Need a little “pickmeup” BOOM BAM BAM. The legendary Streep put in some yummy situations.

Go go go! Go explore instagram. There’s more out there than musically and theshaderoom. Though, who doesn’t love theshaderoom, am I right

Chauntice Green