dear megyn kelly

Megyn Kelly, help me understand.

On my way home recently I was listening to a National Public Radio interview with you and Madeleine Brand of KCRW. You talked about your book, trying to have a coherent conversation with Newt Gingrich (which was infuriating, bless you and your patience), and dealing with sexual objectification in the workplace. I listened and I was with you. I related, was angry, I laughed and felt inspired.

I parked the car as the interview was ending and just as I stepped out I heard Madeleine say that you do not claim to be a feminist. I felt my face get hot. My heart sank.  What did I just hear? You, a strong and intelligent person with power and influence has openly admitted to not being an advocate for equality.

Yeah, that’s what feminism means. Equality. No, seriously. By definition feminism means “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social and economic equality to men”. We aren’t all bra burners and even if we are so what? Bras are expensive and uncomfortable. I digress.

So how could you, a woman in a predominately male heavy industry not proudly support the fight for equal opportunities of all women? If I’m wrong, if you do believe in equality, then I should tell you that you are a feminist whether you acknowledge it or not. Your platform to have your voice heard is so widespread and I worry about the damage your stance has already done to women who look up to you.

Is it because the word feminist scares you? That I can understand. Feminists get a really bad reputation. Between fun nicknames like “feminazi” and being repeatedly told that we’re all just a bunch of angry lesbians who hate men, how could you not be turned off by the idea?

I’m just here to tell you that we feminists are fighting the good fight, we really truly are. This fight has been fought for too long and in too many different ways. We could really use someone like you. 

Jordan Wilson