dario imbrogno - "ossa" a short film

OSSA is an incredible short film created by artist Dario Imbrogno for the creative boutique Withstand Film. Turning stop motion on its head, Imbrogno takes you on this journey filled with birth, destruction, and beautiful choreography. The video focuses on one stop motion figure as it deals with its inability to have control. Using cameras, lights, and even his own hands to amplify how the female dancer is built and molded to anything its creator chooses, Imbrogno causes you to have empathy and maybe even a titch anxiety for the subject. That along with the wonderful choreography and chilling music truly leaves you with your mouth agape and an interesting moment of self reflection. I've never seen anything like it.



Produced by Withstand and Dario Imbrogno
Directed and Animated by Dario Imbrogno
Cinematography by Giancarlo Morieri
Sound and Music Enrico Ascoli
Colour Grading and Post Production Emilio Sapia
Set Design Carlo Cossignani
Produced by Withstand
Supported by Panalight


Withstand Film // Website 

Dario Imbrogno // Vimeo

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