shitty times call for badass art- but today i reflect.

In light of the news starting late Tuesday night, and becoming clearer into the morning of Wednesday what my new reality has become, I have needed comfort. My head is spinning. To see the threads of your country unraveling before your eyes is something I never thought I would experience. Here in the city of beautiful Los Angeles, I know Californians are feeling the deep emotional depths of anxiety and doom, because although our country can’t agree on much I would dare be as bold as to say that at the very least we can agree that we have no fucking idea what will unfold next. This uncertainty for our future livelihoods scary and unstable, and when you have no foundation left to stand on all sense of basic safety and security go out the window.

Californians should be thankful for the location they have found themselves in at this point in American history (and it should be noted that Kamala Harris is my new girl crush). The world around me feels different ever sense the sun rose on November 9th, 2016. People are walking around a bit slower than usual. Passersby are taking a moment to smile and nod at each other, because we know. We feel it. Even the radio has changed.  One thing I cannot ignore is that all of a sudden every song that has been playing on the radio seems to be a deliberate choice for the current atmosphere. I can feel the DJs of my community stepping up and attempting to comfort us with the words of the artists who have been able to express all the things that we can never say. I cannot help but believe that my community is going to be somewhat of a sanctuary. California has made some progressive moves this election round, and as they say, “Where California goes, so the country goes.”

There’s a long road ahead. It’s not going to be easy. But it will be worth it. For now, let your mind rest. Reflect. I find that soul-searching is much needed in times like these. And once you have let yourself breath and let the feeling of anxiety cease for a moment, you will get to work. To honor the DJ’s that have been helping me sort through everything, and to give you, Millennials of my country, a chance to just PROCESS, here is a playlist I have curated for you to take some quiet moments to yourself. Many of them have been playing out of my car radio as I try to understand where to go from here. Never forget: Through art we are united.

1. “Dark Days” – appearing on the album “Sunlit Youth” by Local Natives

2. “Pompeii” – appearing on the album “Bad Blood” by Bastille

3. “Ultralight Beam” – appearing on the album “The Life of Pablo” by Kanye West

4. “Who Do We Think We Are” -  Spotify Sessions version by John Legend

5. “Girl Can’t Be Herself” – appearing on the album “HERE” by Alicia Keys

6. “Holy War” – appearing on the album “HERE” by Alicia Keys

7. “My Head Is Hanging Upside Down” – by The Ramones

8. “Walk Idiot Walk” – appearing on the album “Tyrannosaurus Hives” by The Hives

9. “Someday” – appearing on the August Rush soundtrack by John Legend

10. “Both Sides Now” – appearing on the album “Both Sides Now” by Joni Mitchell

11. “California” – appearing on the album “Blue” by Joni Mitchell

12. “Come Together” – appearing on the album “Abbey Road” by The Beatles

Elle Stempe