Explore the creativity of artists of all walks of life. Find what inspires you to create and see if you learn something new or experience something you never thought possible.


pantone // rachel sanderson

Rachel explores Pantone's 2016's colors of the year Rose Quartz and Serenity and how they mirror gender roles in our modern society.

Whistle // short film

theCREATIVE ventures into the world of thrillers. Whistle is Samuel Hernandez's directorial debut. Starring  Jordan Wilson, this suspenseful short follows her character and what happens when you think you're alone.

in the middle // photo series

Chauntice Green brings us a series inspired by the spaces between love and sex. Explore sensuality in the 35mm photo story. Sometimes intimacy can bring people closer than you can imagine.                                                 


ZOOM away // a short story

An anonymous author tells a story of growing up too early and how family doesn't always equate to safety. Engulf yourself in a riveting tale of fear.

home // visual narrative

Tray Bain lays down a hair raising poem of home and how a house is more than just a building but a life blood of family. Score by Samuel Tucker Young. 


five minute challenge // emerson harper

Emerson Harper takes the plunge into theCREATIVE's Five Minute Challenge. Watch him sketch his way through a fast paced five minutes and create some amazing art.

i am a motel // short film

A story of being lost and searching for who you are. Written and directed by Elle Stempe, Chauntice Green fights to keep track of herself by losing her bearings in a dilapidated ghost town.


breakdown bullshit // nicklaus von nolde

Actors face discrimination based on type daily in Hollywood, the breakdowns they receive are often stereotypical and one dimensional. Nicklaus von Nolde takes five actors through monologues that demonstrate you are not your stereotype.

prayer from a cave // elle stempe

Elle Stempe brings us another riveting poem in this self realizing piece. Finding yourself in the pieces of yourself is easier said than done.


ten minute challenge // trenton jones

If you liked the five minute challenge then you will love Trenton Jones in the ten minute challenge! Trenton takes us through his process of digital sketch media and shows us how drawing doesn't need pen and paper.

i like my ** like i like my ** // sketch

Sam and Elle, two hilarious comedians, take us through a whimsical battle of wits to see which sex comes out on top of the pun game.


poetry for the end of the summer // elle stempe

A collection of original poetry by Elle Stempe.

Eye in Love // Tray Bain

A soothing playlist curated by Tray Bain


Ignite by Daniel Barreto // Samuel Hernandez

A feature on the LED installation by artist Daniel Barreto.

I am Iceland and Other Poems // Elle Stempe

A collection of original poetry by Elle Stempe.


Dario Imbrogno // Samuel Hernandez

A feature on Italian artist Dario Imbrogno's work. 

Through Our Eyes: A Photo Series // Samuel Hernandez

A feature bringing awareness to LA's homeless problem.